The WingsPan


           Advance Technologies

We build with the most advanced & latest technologies to accommodate the agile market conditions.

         Beautiful Optimized Code

We do beautiful and optimized coding that runs like Flash and is easy to read.

               Interactive Designs

We build seamless solutions which are candies to eyes and can be updated with the greatest of ease.

         World-Class Development

We meet World-Class Development standards by delivering bug-free IT solutions that can be easily integrated into your business ecosystem.

our expertise

Mobile App Development

The future of mobile is incremental innovation with transformational impact. We at The WingsPan having experience of creating more than 700+application can develop your app according to emerging market conditions & demands. With a customer-centric architecture, we  delivers high-quality iOS app development and Android app development services to both start-ups and enterprise clients.

Blockchain Development

Bitcoin is one of the innovative app by blockchain and it is predicted to be the future of banking world . The company demonstrates a remarkable position in this domain by putting together the best team on board to develop and design all the services ranging from simple to advanced Blockchain architecture.


Bots (or chat bots) are the new sales rep. They can help your customers by answering questions on a variety of topics from where to find good restaurants, booking movie tickets, or how to use your service. Using artificial intelligence, chat bots can help your customers in much the same way a human can. Another advantage is that they can function independently or as part of messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger. The WingsPan has deep understanding about the basic technologies that goes into the bot development process. 

Software Development

Our ready to end software for SME as well as large enterprises can ease the way of doing , can be easily opened on web browser and is always accessible through cloud based system . We have ready to use CRM , ERP , Invoice Management , POS Software. The company takes pride in delivering customized software development services to its clients across the world.

ERP Development

The WingsPan custom ERP development solution has helped manufacturing, restaurant, chemicals, healthcare, trading and other industries to automate all business process with our easy to use ERP software thus improving organisation growth and efficiency. The ERP software facilitates automation of your system leading to streamlining of teamwork.Build the foundation for an effective, organization-wide and business driven security approach.

Our diligence


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